Owning Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly popular trend. In the U.S., an estimated 46 million Americans own shares of Bitcoin. That’s around 22% of the total population.

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, known as cryptocurrency. It can be used as a payment option for online and in-person transactions or as a form of modern investment.

You can buy Bitcoin outright with debit and credit cards. But if you don’t have the money, there are other ways to get free Bitcoins. If you want to discover how to get free Bitcoins, keep reading below for more helpful tips.

Earn While You Learn

If you’re new to Bitcoin and still need to learn the ins and outs of cryptocurrency, you’re in luck. There are ways that you can learn about Bitcoin and receive free Bitcoin in the process.

Binance Academy is an online nonprofit website offering informative videos and instructional courses about all things Bitcoin and the blockchain via its EduFi Earn and Learn program. It’s also one of the best options for Bitcoin beginners how to get free Bitcoins.

Register for a Binance account and go to the Learn and Earn section. You’ll be on your way to getting Bitcoins for free. It’s an easy-to-use and absolutely free program with no advertisements and no registration fees involved.

Answer questions or complete specific tasks and courses on the site based on the videos and programs available. For each course or quiz completed, you’ll receive free Bitcoin as a reward.

Use Shopping Reward Extensions

You may also be wondering how to get free Bitcoins when you shop online. If you use shopping rewards extension programs like Lolli, you can get Bitcoins for free. Lolli gives you Bitcoin rewards when you shop at over 10,000 top stores online.

It basically pays you a portion of free Bitcoin as a reward for purchases made at participating stores. Stores pay Lolli each time customers shop and complete a purchase through their site. Lolli then pays you a percentage of your purchase back

Create an account online. You can easily add the simple extension to your internet browser of choice. Then just activate your reward and shop as you normally would.

You can earn up to 30% back in cashback or free Bitcoin rewards with each purchase. It’s a win-win situation. You were going to shop anyway, so why not get Bitcoins for free in the process?

Round Up Your Spare Change Into Bitcoin Investments

Only about 16% of U.S. adults have ever invested in Bitcoin. There are several apps available now that give you the option to use your spare change for investing. This is an ingenious way how to get free Bitcoins.

The premise is simple. You create an account and link a payment method to this account. Each time you make a purchase with this payment method, your total is rounded up to the nearest dollar and the spare change goes into an investment account.

If you’re paying for common monthly bills, each payment can go towards your investment total. If you pay $26.40 for your gas bill, then the total will round up to $27 and 60 cents will be deposited into your Bitcoin investment account. If you buy a small coffee for $4.75, then 25 cents will automatically go into your Bitcoin investment account.

Popular mobile payment service Cash App now has this Bitcoin investment feature available.

Use a Crypto Browser

Just like shopping extensions allow you to get free Bitcoin while you shop online, using a crypto browser is how to get free Bitcoins when you use the internet for everything else. You can mine Bitcoins for free while you surf the web, search, watch videos, and more.

You need to install the special crypto browser on your computer and create an account first. You can view your status from your browser and withdraw your free Bitcoin earnings at any time you wish. Your Bitcoin will then be transferred to your linked digital wallet.

You will also need to enable certain power settings on your computer in Windows 10 to allow the built-in mining feature. You need to ensure that your computer remains at 100% processor power management when it is plugged in and on battery power to keep the Bitcoin mining feature active.

Trade Bitcoins

Bitcoin can function in much the same way as stocks. You can buy Bitcoin when it’s a lower price and then turn around and trade it or sell it when the price rises again, so it’s like getting Bitcoins for free. Getting more Bitcoin than what you originally started with is another method how to get free Bitcoins.

This approach, however, may require you to have a little more advanced knowledge of Bitcoin. You will need to be able to study the Bitcoin market trends to predict its patterns of rise and fall. You could still lose money in Bitcoin if you’re not careful.

For some more seasoned Bitcoin traders though, the long-term potential for a big payout outweighs the risks of losing income short-term. You should only attempt this method if you have a greater knowledge of how the Bitcoin market works.

Join Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs rely on people like you to promote a business, like a Bitcoin exchange, for free. You sign up on a site and receive a Bitcoin affiliate link. You can then promote this link on social media platforms like Facebook, through ad campaigns, or on your own website.

It can take a lot of effort on your part and may require you to have a large number of social media followers in order to accomplish this. While this may not sound like an appealing way how to get free Bitcoins on the surface if you manage to bring in more paying customers through your affiliate link content, you could receive a commission of free Bitcoin in return.

Some choose to focus entirely on using multiple affiliate programs as the main source of income and free Bitcoin while others use it as a more passive income stream. Certain sites can pay as little as a 5% commission, but a reputable affiliate program can pay up to a 50% commission.

Play at Bitcoin Casinos

Physical and online Bitcoin casinos are becoming more popular ways how to get free Bitcoins. Due to regulations, some countries may not allow Bitcoin casino gambling or only allow for certain types of payments. You must also ensure that these casinos are properly licensed and vetted.

As with any form of gambling, there can be high stakes that may result in loss. Your best bet is to find a Bitcoin casino that is provably fair. Provable fairness means that the casino does not resort to using bet manipulation in order to create an unfair advantage.

A provably fair Bitcoin casino is upfront about its policies. They should stipulate upfront that their gameplay is completely at random with a mathematical cryptocurrency algorithm to come up with their odds of winning. They don’t rely on manipulation because their “house edge” supplies enough profit without the need for result tampering.

Blog About Bitcoin

If you have a great knowledge of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it may be beneficial. You can use this knowledge as another way how to get free Bitcoins. Crypto journalism is an emerging field and informative cryptocurrency sites are looking for skilled writers.

Market yourself as a freelance crypto writer or apply to work for crypto blogging sites directly. You should have a portfolio of writing samples all ready to go on various crypto-based topics to prove your skills. Video blogging or vlogs can also

You may receive perks like free Bitcoin as well as a steady payment or stipend for your work. This payment can be awarded for each hour worked or as a payment per word or per-article basis.

Use Pay-to-Earn Sites

Pay-to-earn sites like Cointiply are the ultimate method of how to get free Bitcoins without requiring a method of payment. They offer no-risk ways to get free Bitcoins just by using them. You simply sign up for an account and then start earning.

Unlike other ways to get free Bitcoins, you don’t have to have extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and there’s no risk of losing your Bitcoin through chance investments or gambling. Cointiply’s generous referral program even gives you 25% of every referral for life along with 10% of their game and offers wall earnings.

Answer surveys, complete offers, and play games. You’ll receive points or coins with each survey or game objective you complete. You can even watch videos to earn free Bitcoin points.

Redeem points for free Bitcoin rewards. When you have enough Bitcoin in your account, you can transfer it easily to your linked digital wallet. You can also earn 5% interest when you reach 35,000 coins.

Discover How to Get Free Bitcoins for Yourself with Cointiply

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