Taking online surveys is one of the best ways to earn more Coins on Cointiply. This guide was written by an expert survey taker to help you get the most out of taking surveys on Cointiply, including some useful tips and tricks you can use along the way.

Let’s start with some terms we will refer to throughout this guide.

Quality Score: Some survey companies like Your Surveys and Revenue Wall actively show you a quality score based on your survey activity, but many companies that don’t actively show you a quality score are likely to keep one that they don’t show publicly. Higher quality scores can give you access to more surveys, while low quality scores could make you ineligible for some surveys. At worst, a very low quality score could lead to suspension or expulsion from a particular survey company.

Please read the Survey Tips below for advice on getting a high quality score.

Reversal/Chargeback: This is when a survey is rejected after you’ve already been paid for it. If you get too many reversals, it could lead to being banned by a survey offerwall or other restrictions on your Cointiply account. Reversals and chargebacks are two terms for the same thing, and it just depends on the offerwall as to which term is used. For purposes of this guide, we will simply use “Reversal.”

Reversals can damage your quality score (see above) and as noted, too many could lead to you being suspended or banned from that offerwall. At the least, you may not be eligible for all their surveys.

Survey Tips

This section includes various tips and best practices for completing surveys.

Don’t Rush

Some survey companies time you, if you rush and answer too quickly you could be disqualified or occasionally you could even face a reversal. Your Surveys, for instance, actively penalizes you by taking points away from your quality score for speeding. The amount varies depending on the severity and other survey companies may also do this with a hidden quality score. By rushing you could also miss quality control questions and the overall quality of your answers may be poor enough for a reversal and/or a quality score hit, more about this below.

In summary, take your time when taking surveys to get the best results and earn the most Coins.

Watch out for Quality Control Questions

As we said above take your time, read all the questions carefully. Surveys often have quality control questions designed to catch cheaters. If you answer incorrectly, you’re likely to be disqualified or even blacklisted from that particular survey company.

Often quality control questions are quite obvious, for example:

Quality Control Question Example
Quality Control Question Example

At first this may appear to be a question you’ve probably answered before where you’d choose the destinations that you’ve visited, but if you read the question above properly you will understand that the only correct answer is “Airport.”

Here’s another example: “When was the last time you ate elephant eggs?” The only possible correct answer would be “Never,” since elephants are mammals and don’t lay eggs.

Other quality control questions could be obvious quiz questions that everyone should easily be able to answer. You might also be going through a list of questions where you—for instance—choose whether you “agree,” “somewhat agree,” “neutral,” “somewhat disagree,” or “disagree” to each one. Included among real questions might be instructions saying you should choose a specific answer for this question, e.g.“you should answer somewhat agree to this question.” You must read these questions carefully to make sure you are properly understanding them and answering correctly.

You could be asked the same question more than once or in different ways to ensure you are actually answering properly, honestly, and not just randomly. There’s more about this below under “Answer honestly” and “Advanced quality control.”

These are just some examples and survey companies are always coming up with new ways to catch you out, so watch out and read all questions in every survey carefully.

Answer Honestly

Sometimes it can be tempting to lie on surveys in order to qualify when it appears that a survey is looking for a particular criteria you don’t match. People that do this however often receive reversals along with all the risk of being banned by that survey provider. It’s much better to simply be honest and then you don’t have to try to remember all your lies further down the line to answer consistently. You will often get caught out either straight away or in the future.

Advanced Quality Control

As well as the usual quality control questions, survey companies often use more advanced quality control to ensure people are answering honestly and consistently.

The same questions may be asked more than once, sometimes in varying ways or even in opposite ways at different points throughout a survey, these may not always be immediately obvious and one survey may consist of many control questions that all count towards an internal quality score for the survey itself.

For instance, you may be asked how likely you would recommend a company and later you could be asked how much you dislike the company. If you answered that you would strongly recommend the company, but later stated that you hated them it would most probably lower your quality score. It won’t always be that obvious, however. You could be asked various questions about the company and if most or all your answers are negative towards the company when earlier you said you’d strongly recommend them, it could mark you down and if you are marked down too low you could face a poor quality disqualification or in the worst case even a reversal.

TIP: If you always answer honestly and carefully, you won’t have anything to worry about because you won’t be left struggling to remember what you answered earlier in the survey to keep it consistent.

Here’s another example: if you say you work in a particular field of expertise or state that you buy a particular type of product, the survey will then expect you to know the subject matter. There may be specific quality questions throughout the survey that only the person who truly matches the criteria is likely to know.  Answering incorrectly or inconsistently could lead to a poor quality disqualification or reversal. 

Survey companies are quite secretive about what anti-fraud and quality control checks they perform, but it’s safe to say that many are always looking for new improved techniques. It is even feasibly that some survey companies may occasionally even record and cross check some answers against your answers on other surveys to ensure you’re being honest and truthful. So if you state you are a manager in an IT department on one, a dairy farmer on another, and a fleet manager on another, you will be caught out sooner or later just from cross checks.

This is yet another reason why it’s much better to be honest throughout.

Earn More for the Same Surveys

Many of the same surveys can be found on different offerwalls at different rates. Not only do different offerwalls take different cuts for the surveys, but some route through more middleman companies than others, and everyone wants their cut leaving you fewer coins for the same survey completion.

Go Direct When Possible

Cointiply pays considerably more for Your Surveys directly than if you access them from inside Wannads. You will also find entire survey offerwalls like Theorem Reach or Tap Research inside other offerwalls. They pay considerably more when accessed directly from Cointiply.

Theorem Reach: Some offerwalls simply pay more than others for the same surveys. Theorem Reach tends to pay less for some surveys, but they also pay a small amount for surveys you don’t qualify for—and that can really add up. Theorem Reach also provides good support that often credits members in the event of a non payment issue. Some people believe it’s easier to qualify on Theorem Reach, too.

Don’t Accept So Fast

When you are disqualified from a survey, go back to the main survey offerwall and try again rather than accepting the next automatic survey that is provided. This will ensure you’re choosing based on the best price offered by that offerwall.

Qualify for More Surveys

One of the biggest complaints about surveys is wasting time struggling to qualify. These tips could maximize your chances.

Find a Good Offerwall for You

Experiment with different offerwalls and find one that works best for you. Some people qualify for more surveys on one offerwall than others. This can vary depending on the person’s location and profile. After much experimentation, we’ve learned to start with Your Surveys directly from Cointiply and then go Theorem Reach. What works for you may be much different.

Timing Is Everything

The time of day you are doing surveys can affect how many you get. We’ve found that surveys are often at their best in the afternoon UTC time on a weekday, but this may vary depending on your location. Weekends and major holidays like Christmas are usually the worst times, but even then you might be able to find something. Surveys are also slower during spring and summer and pick up in the fall through winter.

Since survey inventory is being constantly adjusted by the offerwalls, if you don’t find surveys today, check back later. It really is always changing.

Unlock as Many Surveys as Possible

Some offerwalls allow you to complete additional profile questions that can further match you to surveys, or even unlock extra ones. For instance, on Adscend Media you can unlock what they call “High Paying Surveys.” It’s far from perfect, but can increase your qualifications and give you more to choose from.

Choose Surveys Carefully

Many offerwalls give you information to help you choose a survey you’re more likely to qualify for.

Revenue Wall allows you to sort surveys in order of qualification/conversion ratings. There are also 3 different color codes to easily spot surveys with higher conversion rates than others.

Surveytime also tells you how many completions a survey has had.

Theorem Reach has darker purple color surveys that have higher qualification rates that are marked as “HOT!” as shown in the image below.

TheoremReach Hot Surveys
TheoremReach Hot Surveys

These are just some examples of how to pick surveys with a better qualification rate, use whatever information is available to your advantage.

Choose Your Rate of Pay

Some people find high paying surveys in places like Revenue Wall and Opinion Capital, but they’re usually more difficult to qualify for. If you find you’re not qualifying for higher paying surveys, go for surveys with more modest rates instead. Similarly, if you aren’t finding much success with one survey offerwall, be sure and try the others. They all manage their system and surveys differently, and many members have reported different levels of success with all of the survey offerwalls.

Try Again Later

Finally, surveys vary greatly from day to day and week to week. If you can’t qualify for a survey, take a break and try again another time when it could be much better.

Survey Problems – Non Payment Issues

Even when you answer surveys carefully and honestly you can still occasionally run into issues. This can be especially frustrating if it happens at the end of the survey and you don’t get paid. Examples include receiving an error message in the middle of a survey or a message stating you don’t match the criteria or don’t qualify at the end when you’d expect to be paid.

In this situation you can report it to the offerwall. In the case of Your Surveys on Cointiply, or any future Cointiply survey offers, you can put in a support ticket to Cointiply. For the best chance of receiving your payment you should provide evidence of completion (please see “Obtaining Evidence” below).

Some offerwalls are better than others in dealing with non payment issues. Theorem Reach are usually very good and can be contacted by clicking the “?” in the bottom right corner of the offerwall. Revenue Wall and Opinion capital are also known to be quite good at dealing with such issues. In the case of surveys where you deal with Cointiply directly, they provide excellent support. Some offerwalls will make you wait before you can report a non payment, e.g.Adscend Media makes you wait 24 hours first.

Obtaining Evidence

When you believe you could be on the final question of a survey start taking screenshots in case you need proof of completion. If you need the image, you can paste it into an image host like imgur.com or upload it directly to the offerwall’s support system. The end of a survey may be obvious with a completion screen, a screen asking for feedback, or when it asks for final demographic questions, but there are usually clues it’s near the end.

Bonus tip: if you were unable to obtain evidence you might still be-able to click the back button on your browser, although this doesn’t always work.

Survey History 

Offerwalls normally keep a history of the surveys you have completed. This may be found under a link that says Support or sometimes by clicking an icon such as a question mark. These will usually be found at the top or bottom of the offerwall. If a survey hasn’t paid, see if you can verify it’s status there first. If the survey company marks it as completed the payment will normally arrive even if it’s delayed for an hour or so.

If I encounter an issue I try to remember the 3rdparty survey company that ran the survey. If it’s not obvious you can usually tell by the domain name. Remember there is no obligation for you to complete any survey and if you repeatedly encounter issues from a particular 3rdparty there’s nothing stopping you from boycotting them altogether. Just close their surveys and try another.

Badly Designed Surveys

While most surveys are designed well, you will occasionally come across badly designed surveys. Remember there is no obligation to complete any surveys.

Questions with No Correct Answer Available

One of the more common design flaws are surveys that ask you a question where none of the answers are a truthful response. Here is an example question we took from a recent survey:

Ambiguous Answers
Ambiguous Answers

The vast majority of people are none of these, but there is no option to answer none of the above and the survey won’t continue without an answer. If you did answer, the rest of the survey can often reflect on that lie making it impossible to complete properly or truthfully.

If you are in this situation it’s usually better to just abandon the survey, especially if it’s at the beginning rather than lying your way through the survey. Being forced to lie on a survey will rarely be taken as a good excuse if such a survey is reversed and/or your quality score is adversely affected.

Surveys that Don’t Seem Relevant

You may qualify for a survey you believe is totally irrelevant to you, like a survey about rating makeup, about which you may know absolutely nothing.

If you believe your contribution would be of no use whatsoever, it’s better to just abandon the survey than to risk a reversal and/or having your quality score adversely affected. Don’t abandon a survey too soon however, I’ve continued a few surveys that at first didn’t appear relevant, but I still made a valuable contribution, for instance a survey where they wanted general views on new advertising.

Excessive Qualification Questions

Unfortunately from time to time you will find surveys that waste your time with an excessive number of qualification questions, often that go far beyond what you’d expect for them to determine qualification, and then you get disqualified.

This can happen to all of us at times and unless the survey has been completed there’s normally not much you can do about it. If a particular survey company does it to you excessively, you could decide to boycott their surveys in the future.

Broken Surveys

Very occasionally you may come across a survey that is completely broken and doesn’t act as you’d expect. Maybe it won’t continue, buttons are missing, etc. Thankfully this isn’t too common. 

Again there’s not a great deal you can do about this. If it prevents you from completing a survey, it’s best to just forget about it and move onto the next one.

Unintended Duplicate Surveys

The vast majority of surveys automatically disqualify you at the very start if you’ve completed exactly the same survey before, but occasionally a badly designed survey may actually qualify you for the same survey more than once when it’s not intended.

Firstly ensure the survey really is absolutely identical and doesn’t meet the criteria mentioned in the note below. If you discover a survey really is an exact duplicate that isn’t intended to be repeated you risk a reversal by completing it if you’re paid. Also, sometimes such surveys will disqualify you at the very end without payment and you won’t be in a good position to complain. For these reasons I recommend just abandoning a duplicate survey as soon as you realize . It’s also the honest thing to do.

Note: There are a few reoccurring surveys that are okay to take again and this is by design. One is when your answers are time sensitive and change each time you take the survey. For instance, a weekly survey that asks you to detail what food you consumed that was prepared outside your own home during the last week. There are many such surveys that repeat over time. Also some surveys may at first appear to be identical, but will have key variances within them, for instance you could be rating a completely different set of advertisements to last time you took the survey.

Why Can’t I Find Any Surveys at All?

Another problem is living in a country that simply doesn’t get many surveys that target them. Unfortunately who third  parties choose to target is beyond Cointiply’s control, but it’s still worth taking a look through the survey offers to see if there is anything from time to time. Even people who live in countries that don’t often see surveys still get them sometimes in places like Opinion Capital for instance.

Theorem Reach is a little different since they use a system that allows people a maximum number of surveys per day whether you qualify or not. If you receive disqualification payments, this number is calculated using an internal algorithm that’s most likely based on various factors including quality control, when this limit is reached all the surveys will vanish, normally until midnight UTC. If you normally get surveys regularly on Theorem Reach and you suddenly don’t see any surveys what-so-ever for a few days I recommend contacting their support since their anti-fraud system may have blocked you incorrectly. contacting their support since their anti-fraud system may have blocked you incorrectly.