There are many ways to earn on Cointiply, and we are always working on bringing you even more ways to earn. Completing offers from our world-class offerwalls are hands down the best way to earn. You can earn by taking surveys, downloading apps, playing games, signing up for email lists, viewing ads, watching videos, and many other ways. We’ll step you through how to do it.

What Is an Offer?

If you’ve participated in the microtask community before, many of these terms may be familiar. For those who are newly discovering this great way to earn, here’s a brief introduction to what you’ll find.

At its most basic, an offer is an opportunity to earn Coins, and that usually comes in the form of a microtask. You’re exchanging your time, attention, and sometimes work for Coins, which you can withdraw as either Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Dash, or Litecoin. When you complete an offer, you’ll receive your “claim” of Coins, which are added to your balance. You can see all of your claims in your Activity feed.

What Is an Offerwall?

An offerwall is a third-party company that manages and arranges a wall of offers, which is why it has been shortened to “offerwall.” Each offerwall is run by a different, third-party company. They are responsible for their own content, offers, who can access them, how much they pay, and whether or not you have satisfied the terms of the offer and receive your claim.

Each offerwall has its own support system, though some are better at end-user support than others. Most of our offerwalls have links to their support system inside the offerwall itself, either at the top or bottom of the page.

We work very hard to identify the best, highest paying, most reliable, and highest-integrity offerwalls in the industry. We’re always looking for more—including offerwalls that service more countries—and we remove offerwalls that have issues. This industry is ever-evolving, and we are always working on new and better ways to earn.

What Kinds of Offers Are There?

There are lots of different kinds of offers, and they sometimes vary from offerwall to offerwall. Below are the basic categories of offers you can complete to earn Coins.


Our biggest earning offers are surveys, where you earn Coins for sharing your opinions. There are thousands of surveys available, with many of them looking for specific demographics. This might include age, location, occupation, gender, income range, and many other criteria. Some areas have more surveys than others, and the supply of surveys is constantly being managed by the offerwalls. If you don’t see a survey when you check, check the other offerwalls, and always check again later.

For more on making the most of surveys, check out our Complete Guide to Earning More Coins by Taking Surveys on Cointiply. Below is a screenshot showing Theorem Reach, one of our most popular survey offerwalls.

Theorem Reach Offerwall
Theorem Reach Offerwall

App Downloads

Another very popular way to earn is app downloads where you earn Coins for installing an app or game. Most game download offers require you to reach a certain level in the game to qualify for the reward, and there are some that pay handsomely. Better yet, you’re getting paid to play a game! You never know when you’re going to find a new game you love, and that’s why these offers exist. The advertisers promoting the games (i.e. paying for the offer) are wanting to bring new people to their game.

Many offerwalls have app download offers, including AdGem, Aye-T Studios, RevU, AdGate Media, Adscend Media, OfferToro, and Wannads. You’ll also find that each offerwall might pay a different amount, sometimes for the same app download, so it pays to shop around. We have a convenient tab on our offerwall page labeled App Installs & Signup Offers.

Below is an example of an AdGem app download offer—but as we said above, shop around, because you can earn a lot from app downloads.

An example of an AdGem app download offer
An example of an AdGem app download offer

Signup and Deposit Offers

There are also signup offers where you sign up to a list or for a service, as well as deposit offers where you are are rewarded for joining a site and depositing real money. You can also subscribe to new services like Hulu, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube TV, Disney+, Netflix, and many, many others. And you’ll get get paid for doing it! Note that most, if not all, of these are for new signups, new depositors, and new subscribers only, and the offerwalls and the companies they contract with are very savvy at sniffing out fraud.

These offers  can be very rewarding, but we always stress that you should do your homework and due diligence before handing over personal information and/or credit card numbers to any third party. Best practice in the crypto world is always caveat emptor!

More Video Games

One of our most popular offerwalls is PlayTime, where you get paid to play games based on how long you play them. Each offer will be different, and they are constantly adjusted according to how much demand PlayTime is seeing at any given moment. And for now, PlayTime is only available in our Cointiply Android app.

We also have our browser video games where you earn Coins from completing your Activity Bar over time, with ads being shown between rounds of the game. Again, you get paid to play games!

Watching Videos

One of the coolest ways to earn Coins is to get paid to watch videos. Hideout.TV and both have video channels you can leave on. These are high quality videos covering a wide variety of topics. The content-related videos have ads that run between them, and that’s why you get paid to watch. We have many members who earn a lot of Coins from watching videos, and you should give it a try.


PTC stands for “paid to click.” What this means is that someone is offering you a few Coins to click on a link and visit a webpage. Sometimes they just want the traffic to their site. Some folks like to bring people to their YouTube videos or Spotify listing. Others are hunting for referrals, and hope that you’ll sign up at the site they’re promoting. Here’s a random sampling of four different PTC Ads on Cointiply:

Example of PTC Ads on Cointiply
Example of PTC Ads on Cointiply

Our PTC Ads are bought and paid for by other Cointiply members. You’ll find a wide variety of websites to visit, and you’ll see how much each is paying you to visit right there in the description. Check back multiple times each day for new ads, and remember to do your own homework and due diligence before signing up for something. As we noted earlier, in the crypto world, it’s always caveat emptor.

Tasks and Microtasks

The last major category of offers are task-based, including repeatable quizzes and other tasks. If this interests you, explore the offerwalls to find the ones that work for you. You can also talk with other members in our live chat room for tips on these and other offers.

Cointivity Boosts and Bonus Earning

We have a system built in to Cointiply that lets you earn more for the offers you are already doing. It’s called Cointivity, and it lets you earn Cointivity Points for every offer you complete. You can then spend those Points buying Pods that contain earnings boosts. We have a whole section of support documents explaining everything about our Cointivity system, but we wanted to mention it here, too. With enough Cointivity points, you can easily earn 20% or more for the offers you already do.