Update: Unbelievably, our first CointiGuess ended in four minutes. Four minutes! Looks like we will have to make the next one WAY harder. Look below if you want to see the other clues we were planning to release.

We have something fun we’re going to try at Cointiply, and we’re calling it CointiGuess! We’re offering 20,000 Coins for the first five members who enter the right promo code, but the catch is you have to guess that promo code. Fortunately, we have some clues for you, starting with the one below. We’ll release more clues periodically until all five 20,000 Coin rewards have been claimed. And that means the race is on!

Now, on to the clues.

Clue #1: Final two words of a classic novel.

If you think you have the answer, you can enter it on our Cointiply Promo redemption page. But, you’re limited to five guesses per hour, so yeah. Good luck!

Here’s that URL: https://cointiply.com/home?intent=promos

And, here are the other four clues we had planned:

#2 – Never Seen
#3 – Always Watching
#4 – Winston’s Real Love Interest
#5 – Name of a popular reality TV show