CointiGuess #2 is now officially complete.

Thank you everyone for participating, we had over 17,000 guesses before the the first successful redemption!

The answer was: Praetorian Guard

Welcome to CointiGuess #2, and we’re upping our game. Can you folks solve this promo in four minutes again? Ha! Good luck.

We’re offering 50,000 Coins for the first five members who enter the right promo code, but the catch is you have to guess that promo code. Fortunately, we have some clues for you, starting with the one below. We’ll release more clues periodically until all five 50,000 Coin rewards have been claimed. And that means the race is on!

Now, on to the clues—and remember that all clues are designed to work together.

Clue #1: Among the twelve, one is most glorious (After the Fact: Augustus Caesar, who formed the Praetorian Guard, also named the month of August after himself.)
Clue #2: Pretender’s end (After the Fact: The Praetorian Guard was disbanded by soon-to-be Emperor Constantine for supporting a pretender to the Roman throne.)
Clue #3: Number 9 (After the Fact:  The Praetorian Guard consisted of 9 cohorts of 500 – 1000 men.)
Clue #4: Every tyrant’s dream (After the Fact:  What authoritarian doesn’t dream of having their own personal army dedicated to protecting them above all other things?).
Clue #5: 27 BC to 312 AD (After the Fact: The Praetorian Guard lasted from 27 B.C to 312 A.D)

If you think you have the answer, you can enter it on our Cointiply Promo redemption page. But, you’re limited to five guesses per hour, so yeah. Good luck!

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