Bitcoins have seen massive growth in popularity within recent years for those looking to make a profit on a solid investment. While there are many ways to earn bitcoins that require some level of investment, do you want to know how to get bitcoins for free? Free bitcoins are a beneficial thing when the price for Bitcoin rises that you don’t want to miss out on.

There are a wide variety of websites you can go to and earn Bitcoins. This is usually done by performing a number of tasks that will yield Bitcoin in exchange for activities like spending money on promotion. But when it comes to earning free Bitcoin, there are many options you have that require minimal effort with maximum profit.

Want to know how you can get free Bitcoins from certain sites for absolutely free? Did you know that earning free Bitcoin this easily was even possible? Continue reading for an explanation of how to get Bitcoins for free with this guide.

How to Get Bitcoins for Free Legitimately

It can take some time and effort to earn free Bitcoin without spending money or interacting with paid promotions. But there are a few legit ways to earn free Bitcoin without much hassle or investment of your own money.

One way to get free BTC is to interact with websites that teach you about cryptocurrency, such as watching videos or completing quizzes about Bitcoin. Sometimes you’ll have to complete specific tasks like clicking on certain links or finishing a random quiz about any kind of cryptocurrency. After doing so, you’ll be rewarded with Bitcoin or the cryptocurrency you want when every task is completed.

Even registering on a website with courses on Bitcoin you look into can give you free Bitcoin for doing so. You not only build up your awareness about cryptocurrency and blockchains but can also earn free Bitcoin doing so.

This is a simple and legit way for earning free Bitcoin that is a win-win for everyone, with little risk from you. You get free Bitcoin to use, and the website gets traffic or engagement. The more you interact with them, the more Bitcoin you can earn from them, which can add up over time.

Using A Crypto Browser

Would you like to be able to earn free Bitcoin by simply surfing the internet? There is a way to do that with a crypto browser and even connect it to plugins from your current internet browser. Imagine visiting your favorite website and earning a set amount of Bitcoin for doing so, doesn’t that sound great?

By using any crypto browser with a mining algorithm that calculates your internet activity, you earn free Bitcoins. This can be from exploring the internet on your favorite websites. Bitcoin payments happen daily and increase as you surf the internet using with a crypto browser.

Services like Cointiply can have you earning Bitcoin by playing games, checking out ads, and posting helpful reviews through the use of their browser. This includes signing up for other services and watching videos to earn bonus Bitcoin. You can gain other cryptocurrencies as well when you continue to interact with them.

Bitcoin Rewards and Bonuses

One of the best methods for earning a good amount of Bitcoin is from activities like shopping rewards. Instead of using money to buy Bitcoin, you can earn it by shopping for items online at different outlets. The more you shop, the more Bitcoin you can earn.

Different cash-back services that partner up with online merchants. You can then earn varying amounts of Bitcoin when you make a purchase.

Some major retailers like Best Buy, Bloomingdales, and even Macy’s can allow you to earn cash-back in Bitcoin when you buy within items in their stock through a service they connect with. After a sale is confirmed by the service, Bitcoin cash-back rewards are sent to your account, allowing you to withdraw and use the Bitcoin you earn.

Depending on the service you use, you can earn a varying degree of Bitcoin on every purchase that you make. Even after a very small number of purchases, you can use the Bitcoin that you earn towards other purchases that might interest you and earn even more rewards down the line.

Free Bitcoin Faucet

Another way for getting free Bitcoin without buying Bitcoin is through a faucet. A Bitcoin faucet is where you register for free rolls through a website and get to earn extra cryptocurrency for every successful roll. This can be done a few times every hour, with many people winning more than a few hundred dollars in Bitcoin each hour.

This is a good way for anyone to dip their toes into the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency if they’re worried about any buy-in to do so. It’s the action that you have in exchange for the free Bitcoin, no money requirement to do so at all. There’s no commitment or hidden agenda that will catch you by surprise, just a free roll on a website every hour.

Bitcoin faucets were first introduced to people in 2010 by Gavin Andresen to help promote buying Bitcoin to a much wider audience. It was one of the first ways to get Bitcoin before exchanging Bitcoin for goods and services became popular. One of the oldest Bitcoin faucets on the internet is Free.Bitcoin, which has been active since 2013.

Taking Surveys to Earn Bitcoin

If you have the time to answer questions about a variety of topics for research companies, you can earn Bitcoin for doing so. Marketing research companies will often post opportunities for people to take surveys in exchange for cryptocurrency. One of the largest companies to do this is Time Bucks, which gives surveys that pay out Bitcoin for engaging with them.

At the same time, companies offer surveys that will also give you extra opportunities to earn more Bitcoin through other activities with them. This can involve voting on research polls or performing web searches online.

They may also have other Bitcoin-earning opprotunities as well. This can include playing games, installing apps on a mobile device, and watching promotional videos.

The payouts for Bitcoin happen about once a week and have other chances to earn more after the first day. It may not yield much at the start, but it’s an easy way to earn more Bitcoins with a minimal amount of effort and time.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’re someone who makes content online or sells products through your own website, you can use affiliate marketing to earn extra Bitcoin. Companies will give you a custom link to share that sends customers to a product they sell, which gives you a portion of Bitcoin for every successful purchase.

Directing your followers or friends towards different product promotions or campaigns will let you earn free Bitcoin when they use your custom link each time. While the amount from each commission will be different for every successful sale.

The more followers you have engaged with it, the more you can earn. Companies will continue to reward you the more you send potential new customers their way.

This is great for anyone that generates a following online through any major platform. The audience you have can support you further through affiliate marketing, which can get even better as your audience grows.

One of the most popular Bitcoin affiliate programs around comes from Coinbase. It is the largest exchange of bitcoin in North America today and has many affiliates in connection with it.

How to Get Bitcoins for Free the Right Way

With our helpful guide on how to get Bitcoins for free, you’ll be well on your way to earning lots of free Bitcoin. Getting into the cryptocurrency market and buying Bitcoin might seem intimidating at first, but you can have a good start by taking advantage of ways to earn free Bitcoin. You don’t have to throw everything you have to get started with Bitcoin, but instead, use the resources to gain free Bitcoins to start the right way.

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