[Update: CointiGuess #4 is complete! All 10 promos have been claimed. We’ve updated the post below with what each clue meant, plus the correct answer.]

Welcome to CointiGuess #4, one that will either be ridiculously easy or absurdly hard. We really won’t know until you solve it!

We’re offering 37,000 Coins for the first ten members who enter the right promo code, but the catch is you have to guess that promo code. Fortunately, we have some clues for you, starting with the one below. We’ll release more clues periodically until all ten 37,000 Coin rewards have been claimed. And that means the race is on! Also, remember that you can only guess five times per hour.

On the Cointiply website, you can enter the promo code on the Promo webpage.
In our new Android app, go to the Settings Tab and scroll down to the Promo section.

Each clue is intended to lead you to the right answer.

Clue #1: Warm Hallucinations  – [After the fact: A Midsummer Night’s Dream]

Clue #2: For Instance, Crying over Spilt Milk – [After the fact: Much Ado about Nothing]

Clue #3: The Storm – [After the fact: The Tempest]

Clue #4: An Italian Businessman – [After the fact: The Merchant of Venice]

After the Fact:

Clue #5 would have been: Nine dead and no one happy

If needed, Clue #6 would have been: The category is literature

The answer was SHAKESPEARE. WILLIAMSHAKESPEARE would have been accepted, too.

Thanks to everyone who participated!