Bitcoin is one of the highest-valued cryptocurrencies in the world. It’s impossible to say what the current value is, since it will likely fluctuate between the time of writing and the time you are reading this. But it has sometimes achieved record highs of $68,000 per Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency to invest in, but there’s no denying that it isn’t cheap. And if cryptocurrency trends are anything to go by, the price will likely continue to go up. If only there was a way to get free Bitcoin!

As luck would have it, there is. You can earn Bitcoin for free from the comfort of your home. Keep reading for your ultimate guide on how to get free Bitcoin.

How to Get Free Bitcoin

The first thought on your mind is probably that this sounds like a scam. Rest assured, you can earn free Bitcoin in the same way that you earn free money for online participation. Here are just a few ways you can earn real, free Bitcoin legally, with no strings attached:

  • Play desktop and mobile games
  • Complete small tasks
  • Fill out and complete offers
  • Take surveys and share your opinion
  • Watch video ads

As you can see, these are all very popular ways that people already earn fiat currency on the Internet. Granted, this likely won’t replace your full-time job. But you can earn a nice little chunk of pocket change each month to help with expenses.

Let’s go in-depth a bit more on each of these points and what you would have to do to earn your free Bitcoin.

Desktop and Mobile Games

Yes, you can earn money by playing games. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at how Filipinos earned enough money to live during the pandemic. The particular game that they were playing used NFTs, but the principle is the same.

These crypto-enabled games use Bitcoin as in-game currency. The more games you win, the more currency you get. Once you reach a certain threshold, you can cash out and put the Bitcoin in your wallet.

Complete Small Tasks

Similar to Amazon’s M-Turk program, people will hire out small tasks to other individuals across the Internet. Some of these tasks will be very simple, such as transcribing the text from pictures of receipts. Others may be more complex.

Complexity will often determine how many coins you receive per task. So it’s up to you whether you want to take on the bigger, higher-paying tasks, or stick with more smaller, easier ones.

Fill Out and Complete Offers

Businesses from cable TV providers to local carwash businesses want you to complete small offers. These may be as simple as signing up for their rewards program. Or, you may get a discounted subscription to a particular streaming service.

Either way, this allows you to get some excellent deals and earn money in the process.

Take Surveys

Have you ever wanted to weigh in on popular or controversial matters? You can do this by taking surveys. Let your voice be heard in exchange for a bit of Bitcoin.

Big firms and government entities are always performing consumer research. A survey is the easiest way for them to do this. To incentivize people, they give small payouts–such as in the form of Bitcoin.

Watch Video Ads

Nobody enjoys watching the ads on YouTube, but they might change their tune if they got a cut of the profits. Many advertisers will pay viewers directly to watch advertisements. They hope that perhaps you will take interest and click through to their website.

It’s usually a short video with a small payout. You can put the ads on in the background and make some easy passive income while you’re doing other things.

How Much Can You Earn per Month?

That depends on how much time you spend. The average user can expect to make about $30 per month considering a healthy variation of games, surveys, and offers.

That said, some people with a lot of free time are able to earn hundreds of dollars in the same timeframe. There are no fixed earning limits, so it all depends on you.

Other Benefits of Earning Free Bitcoin

Earning Bitcoin through the same platform gives you access to loyalty features. Here are some of the benefits your platform may give you:

  • Receive loyalty bonuses for everyday login
  • After a certain threshold, earn interest with your current coin balance
  • Collect reward points that may allow you to get real prizes
  • Chat with people in the community for support and discussions
  • Get referral bonuses when any of your friends join

You can access everything from a single app, as long as you have an Android phone. Sign-up is free, so you never have to pay a cent to be a participant. There are no region blocks or restrictions, so you can earn Bitcoin no matter where you live.

Can I Get Free Bitcoin, and Is It Worth It?

Many ask themselves if it’s worth investing so much time in performing all these tasks. After all, you could just get another job!

But another job would not give you the same flexibility. When you earn free Bitcoin, you work at your own pace and your own schedule. You can earn on your lunch break, on the commute home, or even when you’re out and about with friends.

Earning free Bitcoin gives you unparalleled freedom compared to regular employment. Some have even used it to supplant real employment, but that will depend on you.

Earn Free Bitcoin with Cointiply

It may sound sketchy, but you can absolutely earn free Bitcoin on the Internet, right now. You can play games, take surveys, and sign up for offers and make a pretty penny. You earn as much or as little as you like, which lets you decide how to use your time.

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