Bitcoin was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, which has transformed how people access and exchange currency. A coin faucet is when a website offers a portion of Bitcoins to the visiting users. If you’re looking for more ways to increase your earning potential, a faucet Bitcoin website could be what you’re looking for…

But, knowing how to earn free Bticoin and how to get Bitcoins can be confusing.

You need to know a trustworthy website before you search for “How to get Bitcoins free” on the internet. That’s why this article will be your guide to everything related to coin faucet features and how to optimize for the most money. 

1. Always Use Ads on Your Website

Almost all earning potential online revolves around the use of advertisements. Without visibility, your coin faucet won’t make you any money, and you’ll continue to struggle to increase your earning potential. The best way to start with ads for your coin faucet is to use Google Adsense, which is an excellent tool if you’re a beginner. 

You can find tutorials on Google Adsense to help you set up new ads and get more traffic to your website. 

Another option that is ideal for coin faucet websites is CoinAd. But this platform requires a minimal following before you can benefit from the advertisements. To get more attention on your website, your ads need to be formatted to a large size and easily find our page design. 

2. Look Out for Bitcoin Price Falls

Similar to real-life banks, it’s important to monitor the price flow in the Bitcoin market. This means you should frequently be checking sites to see when Bitcoin prices fall, as this means that faucets can be more or less profitable at different times. Overall, you will earn more when the price is lower, as a coin faucet will pay less at this time. 

So always be on the lookout for Bitcoin price falls

3. Make the Most of Affiliate Links

Many people start monetizing their coin faucets, like dogecoin faucet through affiliate links that can be included on your website. You should always use affiliate links to direct users to sign up for Bitcoin wallets or other coinbase sites. Before choosing an affiliate link, you need to check the service and website for quality. 

The last thing you want is to direct users to an untrustworthy site with bad reviews. This will harm your reputation and make it more challenging to gain visibility online. So, check for high-quality affiliates and pick the right one that matches your coin faucet website. 

4. Apply Faucet Rotator

A coin faucet can refer users to another faucet to get commissions, which is another way to increase your earning potential from this system. A faucet rotator is basically a feature that allows users to search through different faucets quickly without needing to open new pages. 

This makes it easier for users to find a faucet that has the best offer in a short amount of time. It can help websites attract more traffic as it brings more people to your site and offers a valuable solution to users looking for coin faucets which don’t want to spend hours searching online. 

5. Drive More Traffic to Your Coin Faucet

Driving traffic to your coin faucet can be challenging in this competitive market, which is why it’s crucial that you use all the tools available to you to increase your chances of getting seen online. But what are the best ways to increase traffic for a coin faucet? 

Firstly, you should look over your UI/UX design and check that it’s functioning smoothly. For instance, if you have social buttons that can be shared between users, make them visible. You can also look into buying old faucets that have been shut down and using them to boost traffic for your website. 

Ultimately, the referral payment rate is going to determine how much traffic is directed to your coin faucet. Try offering higher referral payment rates and see if that pays off. This method is guaranteed to get more people to click on your website.

6. Don’t Forget About Hackers

Having a coin faucet opens up many opportunities to make money, but it always comes with the constant risk of hackers and spammers attacking your page. Hackers often try to steal Bitcoins from your website, so you can avoid this by placing a few security measures in place.

For example, you should never deposit too much money into your coin faucet. This protects your coin faucet from being drained with large amounts of money. Not only does this offer more security, but it will prevent hackers from coming back to steal again. Once they know there’s a limit to Bitcoins, they will look elsewhere for more money. 

You should also create a block list of unknown IP addresses that could interfere with your security system. 

7. Take Your Earnings Out Regularly

The last strategy for maximizing your earning potential from a coin faucet is to schedule withdrawals regularly, so you don’t have money sitting around for too long. This is vital to stop hackers from stealing, but it’s also important if you want to maintain an organized faucet and stay in control of your website. 

To make it easier, you can set automatic withdrawal dates, so you don’t need to think about when to take out the money. 

Create a Plentiful Coin Faucet With These Tips

Owning a coin faucet is only one part of the puzzle to earning more money and sustaining visibility online. You need to be editing and upgrading your features all the time if you want to increase your earning potential through cleverly placed ads, referrals, and driving traffic to your website. 

But it’s equally important to ensure that your coin faucet is completely protected from hackers and unknown IP addresses. 

Once you have all your areas covered, you can start looking for Bitcoin rewards. 

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