Wall Street is starving for Bitcoin, and the cupboard is almost bare.
This sentiment, inspired by George Tung’s piece on thestreet.com, “A gift at $37,000: Wall Street is demanding bitcoin as available supply dries up,” captures the essence of our discussion. As financial giants like BlackRock line up for their share, Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrencies, is grappling with an unprecedented challenge – its supply is rapidly dwindling.
The Scarcity Factor
Reflecting on Tung’s insights, Bitcoin’s design enforces a hard cap of 21 million coins. This inherent scarcity, emphasized by the protocol’s halving events, historically triggers major price increases, demonstrating the classic economic principle of limited supply versus increasing demand.
Institutional Demand and Shrinking Supply
Tung’s article highlights a crucial trend: the escalating interest of institutions such as BlackRock, Vanguard, Fidelity, and ARK, which contrasts sharply with the shrinking pool of Bitcoin on exchanges. This surge in institutional demand against the backdrop of only about 2 million Bitcoins left for trading is a recipe for market upheaval.
Key Players in the Bitcoin Market
The article sheds light on the significant influence of major Bitcoin holders like Satoshi Nakamoto, Grayscale, and MicroStrategy. Their large reserves further reduce Bitcoin’s active circulation, adding to the asset’s scarcity.
The Future of Bitcoin Accumulation
Tung’s analysis warns of a future where accumulating Bitcoin becomes a formidable challenge. The decreasing supply is likely to render the prospect of owning Bitcoin a distant dream for many in the coming years.
The Hash Rate and Mining Dynamics
The article also points to the evolving Bitcoin mining landscape, with a notable increase in hash rate signaling intense competition. This trend indicates that smaller miners may be edged out, while larger players hoard their Bitcoin, anticipating future price increases.
Price Predictions and Market Outlook
Echoing Tung’s references to bullish predictions, experts like Scaramucci and Wood foresee a dramatic rise in Bitcoin’s value. If these predictions hold true, today’s market prices could represent a golden investment opportunity.

Drawing inspiration from George Tung’s insightful article on thestreet.com, it’s clear we’re witnessing a pivotal moment in Bitcoin’s story. The interplay of its finite supply and soaring institutional demand is not just reshaping its market value but also redefining its role in the global investment landscape.